This weekend! (Bonus: video!)
Posted September 16, 2010 at 02:01 am
Okay, first in the news, Wild Pig Con!

This weekend is Wild Pig Con's second 50% off sale, up in northeastern Jersey. I'll be there along with a bunch of other artists, including none other than Bill Ellis and Danielle O'Brien of All New Issues, where our crossover cousin Robyn resides.

Bill will be doing $5 sketch cards and I'll be doing sketches for donations, so come get some art! I'll also have the Smoking Animal posters, grammar prints, and of course all of the books (plus some extra stuff!).

I WILL ONLY BE THERE ON SATURDAY! But the con is both Saturday and Sunday and $5 gets you in both days!

Also, hey locals! Yeah, all five of you! I'm teaching a comics class for kids with my friend Emily at Craftworks, in my hometown of Shepherdstown, WV, starting next Wednesday! There are still several spaces left if you know any kids between the ages of 7-12ish who'd like to draw comics on Wednesday afternoons after school.

We're holding an open house on Sunday 9/19 (yes, this is why I'm coming home early) from 1-4 at the Shepherdstown studio and I'll be doing free caricatures of the kids, so if you know a kid who might be interested in any of the classes they offer, come join us!

I feel it's only appropriate to follow up this annoucement with a link to my interview with Naked News Katherine! Look, the word "naked" is in it, so click at your own risk. No, I am not naked. And Naked News Katherine is actually censored in the bits where it matters *ahem*, so, you know, if you're around your very understanding wife, click away. If you're at work, don't blame me when you're fired.

This may be the first interview in which I abandoned all restraint (because HELLO, Kat is smoking hot!) and gave away a BUNCH of vague clues about the future of GWS. EAT IT UP.

I believe that's it for now. See you in Jersey!

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