Cafe Creep
Posted February 27, 2019 at 10:00 pm

I probably mentioned this way back in the day, so this might be old news, but...

Caff? Nero is basically the UK Starbucks, as far as I can tell. Way back in 2005, they were looking for a cartoonist to make a webcomic for their site, something that smacked of Friends and took place in their cafe. A creative director got in touch with me and we started developing a little series to pitch to Nero.

I was 24 going on 18 and probably super overdid the whole thing (protip to aspiring artists: make all the decisions for your creative director and just show them your best stuff, with confidence; don't ask them to make a billion decisions for you!).

Long story short, it didn't happen, and IMO I wasn't qualified nor professional enough to do the job at that time. But! It was really promising to receive attention and prospective jobs from professionals who weren't related to me. 

Anyway, I re-named the cafe "Nemo" - but still featured its recognizable font and colors - in this strip, as a little nod to the Nero job that never was.

Here's the old strip!


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