Poor Rebecca
Posted August 4, 2019 at 10:00 pm

Here's the old post!

And here's the answer to the old post's hover text... I bought a very amateur-looking VHS tape from a porn store clearance rack once, and it was called Two Cocks For Rebecca. Ambiguous title, I know.

No really, it was kind of ambiguous! Though its initial purchase was purely based on novelty, of *course* I watched it, and I had no idea it was going to include anal (who reads the backs of movies??)! At the time I was repulsed by anal, mainly because I didn't know how to do it SAFELY (see: Erika Moen's Anal Safety Snails).

As I recall it wasn't terribly exciting to begin with, but I do feel bad that I gave it a vocal "NOOOOO!" I should probably give it another chance.

One last note on this strip: I think this is the first comic I started inking with my grandfather's old dip pens. :) I believe I kept using them for a good fifty or a hundred strips after this. My bathroom sink is still faintly stained from the inks I washed in it over that time.

There you go. One NSFW note, and one heartwarming family-friendly note. Happy Monday!


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