Bon Voyage
Posted August 13, 2019 at 10:00 pm

Okay realistically they'd probably already have a replacement librarian to take her place right? But let's suspend disbelief a little, in the name of Clarice.

Here's the old strip!

Hey! I feel a little bad that I haven't been talking much beyond "here's some commentary on the above strip" on this blog. Can I take a moment to bend your ear?

First of all, I want to thank you for following along with the re-runs (I love that so many of you roll with the "chaser" nickname!). I was at GenCon a week & some change ago, and was really grateful to hear from so many readers who have been checking into this site every day for the chaser strips. (Hello! Hi! *waves at you*)

It means a lot to me that you're still keen to follow along, especially because preparing these to go up is surprisingly time-consuming (this is a silly problem to complain about, it takes about an hour and a half to frontload a week's worth of strips and I STILL sometimes forget to do it! But it feels like it should take way less time than that).

Anyway, it was a joy to talk to so many of you at GenCon and elsewhere over the past few years. :)

It also surprised me to realized that many of you have no idea what I've been up to the last year or so - I feel like I talk about it ALL THE DAMN TIME to people irl, and to my patrons on Patreon. Actually, funny enough, I'm realizing that I've even been kinda cagey about it on Patreon! But my patrons at least know that I'm working on SOMETHING.

So here's what I'm working on (and forgive me if you HAVE heard this already): a graphic novel that takes place in my little town. It's sort of a love letter to Shepherdstown, West Virginia, albeit using fictional characters. It's very settings-heavy, which is why I spent last Inktober practicing drawing buildings in my town. I've gotten away with drawing approximately one background for every eight panels for EONS, but with this book I'll finally have to connect people's feet to the floors they're on. IT'S HARD, Y'ALL!

If you're a $5 patron you've probably seen the character sketches, and if you're a $3 patron or more you may have even been part of the story polls I've been occasionally running, in which you actually help me write little details (or, in some cases, plot-changing points) along the way. I thought it'd be fun to make it a little interactive. :)

Okay I'm rambling here without telling you the most important part: I'm aiming to have the script done in the next few months so I can finally FINALLY start drawing the pages, and putting them up starting next spring. I'll probably post the first few chapters publicly and keep the rest behind a (very low) paywall until I figure out how best to share it online. 

I'll keep y'all posted as we get closer to that time. If you want to make sure you don't miss any updates about it, scroll down and sign up for the mailing list (I only use it about once a month and I try to keep it non-boring!). The signup is literally below this post. IT WAS THERE ALL ALONG and you only just now noticed it, lookatthat.

Oh, and the question that everyone's been asking me: what's the name of this book? I HAVE NO IDEA. I'm still working on the title! For now, the working title is "The Book." As you know, I'm great at titles.

I can't wait to finally share it with you next year! I hope you like it as much as I do. <3


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