Egg Salad on Rye
Posted December 2, 2019 at 10:00 pm

Whatever it was, it counts as a midnight snack.

Hey, I've got a few things up for sale over at my Etsy shop (original Inktober art and some concert posters I painted) in case you're interested!

I'm also auctioning off this kind of ridiculous Cat Hat to benefit Briggs Animal Adoption Center, so if you're into dogs, cats,  or baseball caps give it a gander!

One last note, I've made all of the previously $20/mo online art lessons available for just $5, for as many or as few months as you'd like! If you become (or already are) a $5/mo Patreon patron, you can just click on the Lesson tag and read through any lesson you want, at any time.

You even have my blessing to screen grab everything and check it out later, if you only wanna pay for a month or two.

If you're wondering what the lessons are like (they're static images riddled with dumb jokes, mostly), I've made my How to Draw Hands lesson free for anyone to see. So, patron or not, you should just click that link and go learn how to draw HANDS.

That's it for now! Oh, and here's the ol' post from today!


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