Hide that shit from your parents
Posted September 16, 2015 at 12:33 am

Fun fact: that little strip of wall Hazel and Jamie are eating ice cream on is meant to mimic "The Wall" in Shepherdstown. Here's a picture of my pal Robbie on said wall.

Other fun fact: Variety Books and Video is the name of the actual porn store I used to go to (and giggle in) in Martinsburg, about ten minutes from me. Membership cost $0.50 and your half-dollar would get you a shitty little membership card that was more enjoyable when viewed as a cheap momento. The entrance of the store was literaly in a back alley. It was a college late-night favorite, often paired with Denny's (obvs).

Here's the old strip! I can't remember if I changed the "and Video" to "and More" or if the actual store later changed its name, but I enjoy that this is the only article I can find about good old Variety Books.


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