Hello, Betty
Posted August 23, 2020 at 10:00 pm

Sorry to start your week with this one. Happy Monday?

From what I remember, this strip was vaguely based on a phone call I received from an older woman who lived in a neighboring town called Bakerton. (I thought I wrote about it under the first run of this strip, but unfortunately the old blog posts got mismatched with the comics when we switched servers.)

It took us a few tries before she understood that I wasn't the person she was trying to call... and when she did, she started talking to me as if she'd meant to call a stranger. She asked me light questions about my life and what I knew about the area, and told me a few little ancient anecdotes. All I remember is that it was oddly comforting. 

Luckily she didn't talk to me about something painfully topical by some mysterious coincidence. Hazel wasn't so lucky.

Here's the old post!


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