Posted December 24, 2020 at 10:00 pm

Hey, happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate it! For a lot of us (all of us?) it probably feels weird to celebrate at all this year, but I hope you have a heartwarming time, onscreen or off, with the people you love the most. I bet Zoom's really got their work cut out for them today.

Here's the old post!

Elephant Town will take a break next week, but I've still got GWS strips preloaded, so come back on Monday, these reruns ain't going anywhere. :) Speaking of Elephant Town, the website is still in the works (there are a lot of people working on it + the holidays), but I'm hoping for a January release. I'll let you know when it's finally up so you can read through it easier! Thanks for being so patient with the whole thing!


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