Conventional Enough
Posted March 22, 2021 at 11:11 pm

That happy hour habit's tough to break after years in the newspaper biz! (Every hour is happy hour in the newsroom.)

This is the last GWS chaser of my 30s! Today I become... a middle-aged woman? My maturity has not changed. If there was an emoticon for "fart sound with my mouth," I'd type it here.

It's crazy to think we're already into the last quarter of chaser strips! In 2015, when I planned out how long it would take to rerun through all of GWS, I did the math and was quietly bewildered by the thought of being 42 when we finish these. Forty seemed impossible already. But, here I am! Still giggling at dick jokes.

May we never stop giggling at dick jokes.

Here's the old post!


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