Miami Hell
Posted November 10, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Continuing the trend of skipping over out-of-place strips, we've skipped over #175! But you should click that link to the old one anyway because I kinda like the artwork for it! It was part of a crossover I took place in, between myself and about a dozen other cartoonists who loosely formed something we called the Webcomics Hotness.

We were hot.

Here's the old strip for today. :)

Hey, sorry about the empty hover text and blog post yesterday! I'm at the ISCA con in Sandusky, Ohio this week, and it's nearly impossible to open my laptop to work downstairs. I'm up in my and Lar's hotel room right now, working in silence, away from my loud, drunk, wonderful friends downstairs. (You read that right! Lar is my bunk buddy this week!!)


Don't forget that tomorrow (Wednesday 11/11) I'll be doing a signing at The POP Shop from 5-8, just a couple of miles down from the Kalahari Resort! C'mon out! If you buy anything from the shop, I'll do a free caricature for you. :)


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