Janumarch Februmarch Marchmarch
Posted February 28, 2022 at 10:00 pm

I think Jamie was shooting pretty low on the list of things Hazel hasn't done here, giving her baby steps... which Hazel will continue to crawl around.

Here's the old post!

Hey, also, Elephant Town started back up this week! I'm still posting the new pages for free Mondays on Patreon, so I thought I'd share these first 3 pages of chapter 10 here. (You can just hit "follow" instead of paying for a tier if you'd like to follow my public posts.)

Should I start sharing the link to new ET pages here (until it's finally on its own website) (circa 2048)? You don't need to read the first 9 chapters if you wanna just get a taste for it now. :)

Fair warning, Paul here is a pretty uhh challenging character to start on! But, there he is, in all his glory. He'll be a wild ride!


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