My Book, by Hazel Tellington
Posted June 12, 2022 at 10:00 pm

I feel personally attacked, by myself.

Here's the old one!

HEY SO... TODAY... FINALLY!!... is the debut of the Elephant Town website!! 

**QUICK EDIT: the About and Cast pages are busted and hard to read; waiting on tech to fix it, but they're on the west coast, so it may take some time! Thanks for your patience. :)

This is a long-form graphic novel about four characters who live in Shepherdstown and don't know each other... yet. It's very different from GWS! You can read the first chapter starting here.

You may notice that there are no ads on the Elephant Town site. This is because the entire comic is being funded by my patrons on Patreon. (If you're one of them, THANK YOU!!) I feel I owe it to the patrons who are paying for this to make the site an ad-free oasis. (And huge thanks to Hiveworks for making that happen, and making it so pretty! Hiveworks also hosts this very site. They're like the stagehands for GWS.)

So, if you like the lack of ads, thank a patron. :)

The first chapter is up as of today (as well as a little mini intro with janky animated GIFs that I'm stupidly proud of). New chapters will continue to update until I'm caught up in a couple of months (we're on chapter 12 right now over on Patreon).

After that, I'll post new chapters on the site as they're completed, but if you'd like to continue following the story every Monday as I draw them, you can become a patron for $2/month. (You can also just hit "follow" for now, as I'm not ready to put the Monday updates behind a paywall just yet.)

And you can sign up for the newsletter if you'd like to be notified whenever new chapters are loaded! Or use RSS! Look, I thought of everything, you have very few excuses to not follow the story (unless you don't want to) (which is a totally legitimate reason).

Alright, that's it, I'll stop bugging you about Elephant Town. For now. Happy Monday to you!


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