Cactus Nap
Posted November 2, 2022 at 08:55 am

McPedro's needles soften when he naps, that's why Hazel couldn't feel him through the backpack. Simple plant science. 

(Sorry for the delay - the site was down last night!)

Here's the old post! Oh, and here are my & Luke's Halloween costumes!

Tell me if you know what we are!! Luke nailed the costume so perfectly (and I swung in with my sewing "skills" for the fingers)!

I posted more photos (plus Elephant Town's first cosplay!) on my Patreon - it's a free post. I also made a little post for my $3+ tiers about how I made the fingers waggly, the cameos/the Meck in this page, and the SECRET reason I'm leaving for New York today for 24 hours. Fingers crossed I can talk about it publicly later!


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