French Maids and Let Me Teach You Drawring
Posted January 12, 2016 at 08:00 pm

My favorite Maureen face.

I can't believe these guys hadn't met yet! Then again, I guess we haven't even seen Zach so far. 

Here's the old strip!

Oh and hey! I'm teaching Illustration II at my alma mater, and decided I'd like to make it an online class as well. So I'm offering a light version of the class for $20/month using Patreon starting this week!

All $20+ patrons will receive my lessons and examples, and can ask for further information and feedback in the comments section. I won't have a rigorous schedule, but the topics I plan on exploring with the class include:

  • inking & line width variation
  • economy of line (minimizing the amount of lines you use)
  • playing with color schemes
  • watercolor basics
  • Photoshop basics
  • drawing & coloring tricky lighting situations
  • character design
  • drawing the things you hate to draw
  • dealing with clients, negotiating contracts, tax basics

The class will go from now through the end of April. For $80 I think it'll be worth it! You can also just dip in for one or two months if you'd like; you can change your pledge at any time. 

Oh, and I'll be doing the homework assignments as well, so I can be sure they don't suck. ;) Hope to see some of you in there!


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