Enter Clarice
Posted March 18, 2015 at 12:17 am

I don't think I'd initially intended on making Clarice one of the main characters. Neither she nor Jameson were introduced in the prequel, Hazelnuts, but I knew Jameson would be a familiar face as the Guy Who Works At The Coffee Shop Everyone Goes To. I wonder if Clarice was just an excuse to mention something about porn stores and inflatable sheet by the third strip (so much for not disappointing Mom and Dad!).

I loooove seeing this strip in color! Here's GWS #3 in black-and-white.

I feel like Clarice looks WAY YOUNGER in this strip (holy geez, she looks different now!!). As we got to know her better, I imagined she was a few years older than Hazel and Jamie. Maybe she just had a baby face back then. :3

This strip, and the two previous ones, were released in order on October 1, 2, and 3 in 2004. I wanted to make a bit of a splash by having three strips ready, one in color, to celebrate the strip as soon as it started running.

I didn't really have plans beyond that, and I don't remember the old update days - maybe Saturday and Sunday, initially? I know I printed out the three strips on bookmark-sized pieces of paper using an old crappy printer from college, stapled them together, and gave them away as free (or maybe $1?) promotionals at SPX that same weekend, with the URL on the back. I wonder how many of the people who received those little mini comics stuck around...



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