Signing in Shepherdstoooooown!
Posted April 30, 2015 at 10:59 pm

I'm pretty sure that when I drew this one, I'd just gotten home from an early 2005 trip to NY where I'd discovered a Japanese pen shop and bought my first Pentel Pocket Brush. Hence all the squiggly black brush lines that Laeluu was a champ about working around.

If you're anywhere near Shepherdstown, West Virginia this Saturday (that's somewhat near Washington, DC), come out to my local comic book shop, Beyond Comics, for Free Comic Book Day! It's right here in Shepherdstown and it is a NICE store!

There'll be free comics (mostly for kids, which means mostly for adults) at the shop to sample, and I'll be selling books & giving out sketches with my pals Monica Gallagher (Bonnie N. Collide, and newest Oni book Part-Time Princesses just came out!), Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm), Eva Hopkins (Dark Ivory), Nicole Roberts (my most recent intern) and Melanie Judd (one of my favorite students from the illustration class I taught, and mad talented)! Plus two guys named Steve Younkins and Lee Garvin, wooOOOooooo mysterious, come out and find out what they're all about (or you could go to the Facebook page and find out)!!

Most of us will be there from 11-4 and the store is half comics and half games, so there's plenty to browse! Plus they're flanked by a liquor store, an ice cream store, and a yarn store, and they're doing a May Pole parade in town. It's not like you won't find a billion things to do. ;)



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