OH JOY! (Sex Toy)
Posted May 4, 2015 at 09:54 pm

Aaahh, GWS in its natural form: filled with dildos.

Take that statement wherever your heart leads you.

I was pretty amused to find that my colorist had labeled the layer for the dildo wrappers "package packaging." Hey, speaking of packages! My dear friend (you might even say DAR FRIEND) Erika over at Oh Joy Sex Toy (NSFW, durr) is running a Kickstarter to print the second volume of her book! I'm sure you got the first volume, and were amazed by the quality, the beautiful design the book, and of course that you saved like $10 (on average) by ordering it via Kickstarter.

Oh, I'm sorry, did you say YOU DIDN'T get the first book on Kickstarter? O RLY.

Don't miss out on this one! It's not even sequential, so it's not like you need the first book to enjoy the second book. Look, I'm just here to help you with inevitable future regrets. I don't want you to feel a fool. 

Danielle Corsetto: quit her webcomic to become an activist for not feeling A Fool. Don't be a fool, order that damn book!



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