Posted September 1, 2016 at 01:08 am

Maureen's sign is actually kind of a raw deal, especially back in 2007. 

Speaking of 2007, starting this evening, anyone who pledges $3 or more per month to my Patreon will get to read the entire run of my old strip "The New Adventures of Bat Boy," which ran in the Weekly World News from 2005-2007, every weekday from now through Christmas!

If you're a $1 patron or not a patron at all, you can click the $3 reward tier here and start receiving the strip tonight! (If you're seeing this message a little late, no worries; you'll have access to everything I post at the $3 level once you start, so you can go back and read any that you've missed. I got U, fellow procrastinators.)

If you're already a patron who's pledging $3 a month or more, don't change a thing; you'll just instantly start getting Bat Boy strips when everyone else does. :)

Oh! And if you missed the illustration lessons I posted earlier this year, they're ALL available when you pledge $20 (you can just do it once and screen-cap all the lessons if you'd like, then reduce or cancel your pledge). And I've finally tagged them all, so you can just click "lesson" and see the whole thang. You're welcome and I love you, too. #tags

Here's the old strip!


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