Sex in the Tweeney
posted Dec.30.16 at 02:52 am

So, a little background on this: at the time, I was developing a comic strip for Caffè Nero, a coffee chain in the UK. My editor recommended I watch three shows to get an idea of the kind of humor they were looking for: The Office (the original one), Friends, and Sex and the City. I inisted that British humor is very different than American humor, but he said that this was the kind of humor they wanted.

So I bought some cheap VHS tapes of Friends, and rented Sex and the City from our local rental shop. I hadn't really paid attention to either show when they begain airing. To my surprise, I liked both! (I'd already seen Original The Office.)

Somehow the Sex and the City ended up not getting returned to the video rental for weeks, and the belated return racked up a $35 overdue fee. Which they refused to drop, even years after it happened, way back in 2008.

And that's the reason Danielle never rented from Video Den again.

And that may also be the reason Video Den finally went under. I would've rented SO MANY MORE MOVIES if they'd just dropped the fee.

Anyway, here's the old strip!