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Posted February 21, 2017 at 08:00 pm

I already regret writing that hover text, so let's just forget Clarice ever said this at all?

Here's the old strip!

By the way! I'll be at Emerald City Comic Con NEXT WEEK!! with my usual con-husband Randy. I'll have copies of books 9 & 10 with me, plus the B9 Kingdom collections of my figure drawing. I'll also have some of the LAST COPIES of books 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 with me, so if you want any of those, GET THEM FAST!! We're clearing them off the shelves!

If you follow me elsewhere in the Internetverse, you probably already know this, but: I've finally started making new comics. My big project is going to take a long time (and won't be shared until it's done), but in the meantime, I've started making dumb autobio comics and posting them on Patreon (andy pledge level - even $1/month - will get to see them, assuming I can raise enough monthly to cover my bills).

Everything's explained a little more thoroughly under the first strip, which is on the house, so you can see it whether you're a patron or not!

If you've ever considered supporting me on Patreon, this is the best time to do it! Here's what each level currently receives: 


  • $1 or more: autobio comics, and a few other goodies
  • $3 or more: autobio comics, and an old comic from the Danielle Corsetto Comic Vault (we're currently revisiting my old college strip, Ramblers!)
  • $20 or more: ALL of that, plus process photos of work I'm making, and (if I'm currently teaching) a light version of the class. **I'll be teaching a 2-week workshop on comic strips in Denmark in March, so you'll get to see what I'm teaching them then!**


I'll be sending out a little extra comic via my newsletter, so if you've signed up for that, you'll get more detailed information tonight! (If you haven't, click that link, and apologies in advance, I have NO idea why that page is so fuckin' wonky looking!)


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