A Little Gay
Posted August 16, 2017 at 01:09 am


Old strip! And in case you missed it, two things!

1: A GWS reader is selling off the original art to strip #350 to make ends meet: she has my blessing and if you want an (old!!) original strip, here's your chance! You can bid on it here! It's a great strip that features Hazel, Jamie, Maureen, Clarice, and Jameson, which is quite rare!

2: This weekend I'll be in Baltimore raising money for my friend and fellow cartoonist Monica as she goes through chemo; I'll be selling off the original to the above poster (left), as well as auctioning off three original GWS strips about derby (because that's Monica's thang!), and Jamie is selling copies the INCREDIBLE screen print on the right!!

3. New comic! (Unless you saw it Monday, in which case OLD COMIC)


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