Posted October 17, 2017 at 10:00 pm

Zach and Tony are bros, so it's cool. Here's the old strip!

LAST CHANCE LAST CHAAAAANCE!! If you want your own set of The Complete GWS, today is the LAST DAY you can do it!! Kickstarter ends at 5:00 pm EST TONIGHT!!

Technically, you'll still be able to buy it online for awhile once we get the books, but this is the ONLY time we'll be able to afford deeply discounted shipping rates. If you're in Mexico, Canada, or most of Europe, GET THESE BOOKS NOW so you're not gouged later!!

It's also your last chance (assuming there are still any left) to pick up a personalized & sketched set of the books - the Artist's Edition option has been lifted to include another 200 sets, but they're going fast -just as the feeling in my right hand will soon - so jump on it if you want one!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who helped us uuuhh DESTROY our original goal! I hope you love the books, they're gonna be sooooo pretty. :)


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