Concerned with Cute
Posted July 2, 2015 at 10:00 pm

If you wanna know how proud of myself I was over that joke in panel one, look at Jamie's face in panel two.

Here's the old strip!

Assuming all is going smoothly, I'm currently  traveling from Harpers Ferry, WV to Washington, DC via Amtrak to catch the next train to Toronto and avoid the Internet for a month. I am probably missing Twitter, and actively not missing* e-mail.

I'll be in Toronto for the entire month of July, and returning in early August. The whole trip is intended to get me off the Internet and back on art, so this and the rest of the comic & blog updates from now on were all written and scheduled to auto-update before I left!

Twitter will also auto-update pre-scheduled tweets, Instagram will be in the hands of my house sitter (which means photos of my cats), and Patreon will be the only place you can see what I'm up to while I'm gone. I'll be snail-mailing skethes and photos (like, the film kind) to my boyfriend, and he'll be scanning them in and posting them to Patreon.

All tiers will see these little shipments no matter how much you donate, so if you want you can donate a buck to see whatever I send back home throughout the month!

Of course, if you're on the GWS mailing list, you already know all of this. ;)

Have a great July and I'll for-real-in-real-time see you in August!

*I don't know what kind of action not-missing is, but if there's a verb, I'm doing it with e-mail.


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