Pre-Spring Cleaning
Posted January 30, 2006 at 02:01 am

So I'm between projects right now, which means I've found a few spare days to attack my studio/office/bedroom before it attacks me.
And guess what I discovered? Lots and lots and lots of original artwork that I'm DYING to get rid of!

So get ready, boys and girls. February will be the last month to buy GWS originals at their current price ($45 for any strip you want) before the prices go up in March, and I'll be eBaying a crapload of original art that I need to get out of my apartment.
I don't have the space for this stuff, so if you do, and you've got a little Xmas cash that you HAVEN'T spent yet, and you want some original Corsetto art (Bat Boy strips might be in the mix, too!), keep it pocketed for the upcoming sale.

But, more on the sale later, after I dust the piles that I've unearthed... !

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