"Make-up sex."
Posted February 16, 2006 at 02:01 am

HUGE apologies for the strip going up so late last night, guys. I'm trying to offer you make-up sex with this new auction:

This original graphite piece (appropriately titled "Anxiety") has been in my living room for a long time now, and has been wanted by just about everybody who's seen it (what can I say? A lot of people can relate to it!).
The art is graphite on bristol, 9"x12" neatly mounted on black matt board in a 14"x17" black frame.

The piece was done several years ago (2001 or 2002) and has been kinda "near & dear" to me for that length.
In other words, I want this thing to find a good home. The only reasons I'm getting rid of it are:

1. I need the cash
2. It's taking up space!
3. I think someone else would appreciate it more, and
4. I need the cash.

I have a feeling the lucky buyer will be able to pick it up for a reasonable price that will only increase with time.
Bids start at $0.99, as always, and here's the link.
Happy bidding!

What's that? OH, you were expecting foreplay for our make-up sex?
Alright, so I guess this is supposed to come BEFORE the sex, but... to anyone who has been thinking about buying their very own GWS original, I've finally compiled a list of all the strips that are still available for sale.
Sometime in mid-March, the price will go up to $50 (yes, I know, that's a HUGE jump. What can I say? Inflation).
I'll also be selling Bat Boy strips here.

              To see if the GWS or Bat Boy strip you want is available, click here!

*hint hint: this is your chance to view the Bat Boy strips without purchasing the Weekly World News!*

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