Answering your questions.
Posted April 14, 2006 at 02:01 am

So I forgot to give you guys a report on the 24-hour comic challenge that took place last weekend in Jersey.

Well. Um. That's because... I... kinda... didn't do one.
I got about 4 pages in. And then zonked out.

Meanwhile, James Hatton popped out a few pages (I think 4 as well?), Bill Ellis knocked off a few pages of the book he and Hatton are working on, and Jonna (get this!) pushed out like, 13 pages!!
Go Jonna, whose name is most likely being misspelled in this post!


Oh wow. I just wiped drool off my desk.
Oookay, obviously 4 am doesn't look good on me, so I'm gonna hop to bed and promise you more information later on, after I've cloesed my eyes for more than a blink. Later!

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