That's right!
Posted November 27, 2004 at 02:01 am

That's right, kids! Due to popular dema--- well, REQUEST, really (you guys are so polite!), GWS will now be updated on days that start with T.
But be sure to check in on weekends, because I'll be trying to add a little bit of art every weekend to keep you boys and girls happy all week long.
Thanks to everyone who participated - your vote was heard!

I owe ya some art from yesterday, don't I? Well, here you go.

This is the courtroom drawing I did for the Frederick Post a few weeks back (witness and judge).
He was a real-life caricature!

This is the greyscale, halftone version of a full-color pencil drawing.
As soon as I get the original back, I'll show you what it REALLY looked like.

I never got to go back to draw the defendant. She pleaded guilty a week or so after I came down to do this drawing.

The case is sorta depressing, but I'll tell you anyway, because it was supposedly a very big trial.
A woman shot another woman in the face, killing her, and then killed her baby. Yeah, I know.
Weird thing is, this happened in Frederick, MD (my home town), but the woman was from Martinsburg, WV (where I currently work).
So the witnesses were talking about all of these roads I take to work, shops that I shop at, landmarks I pass every day. Creepy.

Speaking of Martinsburg... anybody wanna see where I work?

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