Oh, honey!
Posted June 5, 2006 at 02:01 am

As promised, here's a little update on the local-honey-as-allergy-relief experiment:

First, a few tidbits I left out. The loose rules are:

Buy local honey from somewhere that's LOCAL - somewhere that will have the same pollens you're inhaling at home.
Start in early spring - say, March - for the best effect (yeah, I know, I screwed this one up).
Eat around THREE TEASPOONS of honey a day - not just a sprinkle here or there!
I've read that you shouldn't heat the honey - try generously dipping strawberries into it, or just taking your teaspoons straight.

That said, I've been religiously following these rules for almost two weeks.
Although my symptoms haven't GONE AWAY ENTIRELY, they are SIGNIFICANTLY less annoying than they were last year.
I still sneeze when I go outside from time to time - sometimes uncontrollably! - and my eyes are a LITTLE itchy, and I blow my nose a LOT.

But, unlike LAST year, my allergies aren't keeping me from work. And that's exactly what I was looking for.

Good luck if you're gonna try this method, too! I hope I'm not just one success story.

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