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Posted December 5, 2012 at 02:01 am
Hey y’all, just a few final notes about JimmyJane and Lelo‘s offers to GWS readers!

We’ll be picking two winners for the Lelo Smart Wand giveaway at the end of the day FRIDAY, so tomorrow (12/21, y’know, the end of the world) is the LAST DAY for you to enter to win! Please follow the instructions here if you’d like to take a shot at winning a Smart Wand (scroll to the bottom and comment on THAT post, not this one!).

JimmyJane’s $25 off any $145+ purchase is still going and will be available through JANUARY 15th, 2013, aww yeah! So if you’re waiting for that Christmas money to buy yourself a new JimmyJane toy, that’s okay. Just scribble the offer code (GWSHOLIDAY) and “January 15? somewhere near your computer so you don’t forget it! (I realize these blog posts are a little tricky to navigate through!)

Next week I’ll be taking a breather and doing pencil-drawn strips like I did last year. I’d love to answer questions for the cast again! So if you’d like to ask me GWS-related questions – or, hell, me-related questions if you really want to (keep it R-rated ya pervs) – comment at the bottom of this blog post and I’ll pick out my faves to answer starting Monday. :)

Unless I SIMPLY MUST SHARE SOMETHING WITH YOU between now and next week, this will likely be my last blog post until the new year; if so, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week (assuming you practice holidays at the end of the year), and I hope the Mayans were just fucking with us, Â’cause IÂ’d really like to keep writing this strip for you.

Happy holidays, my pretties! <3

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