A big fat festering favor...
Posted August 7, 2006 at 02:01 am

**UPDATE!! I'm up to a little more than $300 and that will most certainly cover the cost of this camera!! Thank you all so much for your help... where did I FIND you wonderful people??!
That said, if you'd like to continue donating, be my guest - I'll stick to the $20=color drawing rule - but I should be fine by now. THANK YOU!**

I don't have too awful much to say (*ed: This is a total lie!*), except that this week I'm going to be tied to my bedroom (not in the kinky kind of way) and generally kept away from all other humans so as not to infect them with my horrible case of The Grumps.

Reason being that I need to take my car in for a minor (but still pricy) fender bender, sue one of my clients (ah, the FUN part of being self-employed!!), catch up on work I should have done weeks ago (if I owe you artwork from Heroes, this means you'll finally get it!), and contemplate how I'm going to make rent this month.
It's gonna be a fun month. Yeesh.

That said, I'll soon be asking you all for a big, huge favor. Well, two favors. Ah hell, let's get right to it.

This is such a huge favor to ask!

Now I know I've got the best readers in the whole damn world, but I really don't like asking you for money.
I love that I can share GWS for free with you guys.
However, between my car, the client who won't pay up, and several other little problems, I'm afraid I don't have the funds to buy myself a new digital camera.

(Oh yeah, if you didn't catch that earlier... my beautiful little digital Fuji FinepixA303 finally crapped out on me!)

At first I thought, eh, who cares? It's a luxury! I don't need a digital camera! I'm a damn Girl Scout!!
I can live off a stick, some rocks and a bag of pony beads!

Unfortunately, this is totally totally untrue. (I went through the pony beads in a week. They tasted awful.)
I hadn't realized how much I use that camera. I used my digital for almost EVERY reference shot I've ever had to acquire, and this month I'll be working on an 8-page project that I'm going to need reference shots for.

So. Here's where I beg.

There's a PayPal button at the top right of this screen, but more importantly, I want to offer something in return before I beg.
For everyone who sends in $20+, as long as your mailing address in your PayPal profile is correct, I'll send you a little *COLOR* 4.5"x6" drawing of a random GWS character on bristol.
If you want to request a particular character, all you'll need to do is e-mail me your request or add it as a note in the donation.

Donations can be given by clicking on the icon at the top right of the screen or below this blog (the "Support GWS with PayPal!") or sending checks/MOs to PO Box 967, Shepherdstown, WV 25443-0967.

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