If I've learned one thing...
Posted August 16, 2006 at 02:01 am

... it's that I need to put SOMETHING up here if I forget to do a strip on time.

Yeah, forget. Here's how:

There was nothing else to drink in the fridge, so I chugged down a hard cider at around 6:00 tonight.
No big deal, right? Until the fourth bottle kicked in, and around 11:00 I glanced up at my calendar.

I hollered to my roommate Kris: "Is it---- is it TUESDAY??"

"Uh, yeah."

"Do I need to do a strip tonight??"

"Uh, yeah."


Instead of writing my strip, I'd started Arts and Crafts Night at Camp Corsetto.
At least it was a GWS-themed craft, and in fact, something new I'm going to offer at the Baltimore Comic Con (and at more cons if they're a hit!).

Voila! Hazel and Jamie earrings!! What'll they come up with next??

Actually, here's what I came up with next. Or rather, first:

New business cards!! I always felt bad that Hazel (a very OLD version of Hazel, at that) starred solo in my only GWS business card.
So now you can get the whole thang: two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus. Rockin'.

I'm on a total merch kick right now (could you tell?!), so I'll probably make about a dozen more GWS earrings and a few necklaces for sale at Baltimore, plus a few other odd saleable items.
If you'll be there, be sure to check 'em out!!

Oh, last but not least... anyone who's visited my MySpace page has already seen this, but I thought I'd share a piece of art that will be pretty prominent on this page someday soon:

Y'know what? Screw this "last but not least" bullshit. You guys deserve better. Check back for a desktop image.
I owe ya.

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