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Posted October 12, 2006 at 02:01 am

True story.

Some words of wisdom to you ladies who wanna go buff on the beach: bring a guy if possible, DO sunscreen all your exposed *ahem* pink pieces, and DO NOT let the guy covered in "theraputic mud" rub it all over you.
No matter what he says, it will not give you firmer skin. It will give him firmer skin.



So I've decided, rather than jump right into a new car - and car downpayment, and car monthly payments - right NOW, I'm putting $1400 into my old Honda so it may last me through to next year instead.
That said, I might not have a car Thursday and Friday, so I MIGHT not be coming to SPX Friday.

Saturday, however, I'll most definitely be sitting with Crazy Papers writer Jim Dougan at table G8 doing sketches all day!
Please stop by and say "hey," buy the book, buy some art, or just throw a pie in my face. Whatev.

If I AM at SPX Friday, I'm going to walk around all day and maybe/hopefully sit with Jim for the last hour or so in case some of you can only make it Friday.
So keep an eye on that space!

On to other cons...


My car MIGHT not be ready for SPX Friday, but it most certainly will be ready for Mid-Ohio!
So look for me there. I'm just gonna have a little bitty table, but I'll be doing sketches all weekend.

Birmingham International Comics Show

Wow, you blokes sure did give me the a-OK to go to this show!
(Can I call you "blokes?" Is that too stereotypical? Do you actually use that word??)
I'll be sitting next to Daredevil artist Michael Lark (as usual, totally bumming space off of him) and most likely dashing back and forth between his and Liz Greenfield's table, because, well, the better I get to know her, the easier it will be for me to steal her secret way-too-damn-young-to-draw-that-damn-good powers.

They should be stickin' me on the guest list, and I should be buyin' a ticket soon, so of course it's still "pending," but I fully intend to be at this show.

That's it for now! Because of the two "Sunday" strips this week, I'm taking a breather Friday.
I hope you guys liked my little trip into Colorland!

See ya Monday!
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