Raina Ramble!
Posted October 17, 2006 at 02:01 am

I have an excellent, comics-related reason for having a late strip today.

I read the whole thing tonight. Devoured it.
I had no idea that rated-G ANYTHING could get that much attention from me anymore.

I met Raina Telgemeier oh-so briefly at Toronto this past year in a desperate attempt to NOT be too jealous of her; I have this vicious disease that makes me horribly jealous of other female comics talents, until I meet them and realize they are NOT horrible skanky girls who wave their hoo-hoos around to get jobs, but rather hard-working and very talented young women who just want to draw cartoons for a living.


Anyway, I'd barely seen any of her work, but I'd read somewhere that she was going to be tackling the Baby-Sitters Club books, and the little girl in me was just THRILLED!
Back in the day, when I could read books that had no pictures like a normal person, I read the BSC books to death.
I loved them. In fact, here's how I actually felt when I picked up this book:

I was so surprised at how quickly the story came back to me.
The moment I got into Raina's graphic rendition of "The Truth About Stacey," I remembered this EXACT story...
the Kid Kits, quiet Mary Anne who would "cry at the drop of a hat," the little kid who always greeted people by saying "hi-hi" (I used to sound it out quietly while I read, not able to decide on a specific musical tone the little boy used when he said it).

And the book blew me away. Just perfect. I'm damn impressed.

So I spent the rest of the evening reading her webcomic Smile (which is totally adorable) and basically becoming her biggest geeky fangirl.
If you'd like to revisit your childhood, even if you never read the BSC books, pick this sucker up.

Unless you do a webcomic, in which case you will inevitably not update if you read this book.

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