This strip brought to you by...
Posted October 20, 2006 at 02:01 am

... the coolest GWS animation I have ever, ever seen.

Thank you, Mike, for your generous gifts of GIFs.

Seriously, Mike (aka. Tanukitsune) is getting his own gallery in the GWS guest art Hall O' Fame when I update it.
Because this guy's a WHIZ with these animations! He's done several for not only myself, but Jennie Breeden and Liz Greenfield, among many others I'm sure.
(Speaking of which, I just checked Jennie's page out and guess what I saw?! Well, go check it out for yourself!!)

Oh, please note that that IS a McSlimer sliming his way across the screen. It just doesn't get better than that.

I'm finally, for the first time in my life, getting ahead on work. I just scripted the next four strips for GWS, and I'm about to script ahead for Bat Boy tonight (I'm updating this site at MIDNIGHT instead of 3 am!! WOOHOO!!).
I always knew this would happen - the moment I got my bed out of my office, and reorganized everything in the "work only" room, that I'd start getting where I needed to be.
It feels GREAT!!

I'm no longer losing clients by literally losing their information in a big messy room.
I'm getting around to all the work I should have done months ago (the donation art from my camera drive is sitting on my desk, ready to finish and be sent out!!), and I'm even eating somewhere OTHER than my computer desk.

This. Is. Awesome.

To top it all off, I'm finding yet more original art that I think you guys might enjoy.
I'm going to start the eBay sales in early- to mid-November.
But no worries, you guys will see the auctions right up top here the moment I start them.
You won't miss a thing.

Since I've got a little extra time tonight, here's a quick wrap-up of SPX, since I never got around to it last week!

I was pretty well-hidden at Saturday's SPX (the only day I could make it!), but my old Martinsburg Journal pals Ellen and Tony miraculously found me anyway and we immediately went out to grab some lunch, leaving my poor tablemate Jim Dougan alone for much longer than expected.

I would marry these two in a heartbeat.
Not like the preacher "Do you, Ellen, take Tony to be your... " version of marry - they've already taken care of that.
I mean the Mormon version of marry.
So all three of us could live happily ever after. I totally adore them both. For now, I'll settle with our once-every-10-months visit. *sigh*

Um, here's me. Drawing my one and only sketch of the entire show (told you I was hidden!).
Thank you to John, who came all the way up to get a sketch from me!!

Here's a kinda of crappy shot of Mara Maguire of Black As White, me, and Christi Johnson of In The Puddle!

Here's another somewhat crappy shot of Mara, Christi & me with the backs of several local and Hotness heads.
Though we didn't all sit together at this show, the Webcomic Hotness was still present!

And finally, me and Crazy Papers writer Jim Dougan in front of that mammoth poster of the CP cover.
Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of our book!!
This will probably be the last time Jim and I sit behind a CP-covered table again, because, quite frankly, we can't stand each other.

Yes, of course I'm kidding. And I'll continue to bring CP books with me to shows until my stash runs out!
So if you'll be at Mid-Ohio in a month, be sure to pick up your copy!

Last but not least, I made an effort to jog over to the booth where Jeph Jacques (I hope I'm spelling that right) of Questionable Content was sitting, because shit man, when ELSE am I gonna meet this guy?
Super nice fella, and seeing as he was sort of hiding like I was, I'm really glad I found him.

Now if I could only track down Randy, Paul, Antonio, and Tim, I'd be one happy webcomic reader.

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