Bringin' home the bacon
Posted December 5, 2004 at 02:01 am

To be perfectly honest, I'm shocked that I'm still able to sit in a chair.

I just returned from a small party (when I say "party" from now on, by the way, it actually means "work," as the only parties I've attended in the past several months were attended solely to make money doing caricatures).
I did two over the weekend, one of which was a 900-guest party in DC (the other was about two hours away in VA).
I've dropped off work to clients, scripted strips, laid out advertisements, looked over legal information (hint, hint...) and even taken my mother out for her birthday.
I've worked my ass off at the day job every day.
I have had about 6 hours free every day, and I've spent all 6 of them sleeping.
In fact, sleep has been the only relief of every day (besides a few pleasant phone calls and e-mails in the cracks between jobs).

Thus, instead of pulling an all-nighter and going straight into work tomorrow morning to get a GWS update in time... I've decided to do my body good and (you guessed it) sleep.

New strip late tomorrow night, kids... thanks for your patience!

ps. the top image is a glimpse at the Vampirella Magazine ad I'll be putting in soon.... more to follow!

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