Posted November 6, 2006 at 02:01 am

Yeah, I know, I'm late with the strip and totally trying to make that OK by putting up stuff for you to buy instead.
I'm a horrible influence and the perfect scapegoat for your bad credit. I do apologize.

BUT... you should like these. If nothing else, just click on the eBay links above to look at the close-ups.

I found these originals while I was cleaning, neatly stacked away in their cheap-o glass-and-masonite frames from my first show at Jigsaw two years ago when it was in NYC.
So while you're certainly not bidding on these artifacts for their excellent framemanship, the originals themselves are collector's items (well, y'know, if you collect webcomics).

They were both drawn in 2004, the year the strip started, probably within just a few months of the debut of GWS (October '04).

The first one is the original inks I did for an ad I ran in Vampirella Magazine.
The final ad design was in black-and-grey just like the comic strip, and the original dialgue was chopped to hell.
So you're getting the Kevin Smith-length dialogue with this original. The pencil guidelines I used are still around the edges, too.

Not to give too much away, but this will probably be a rather memorable moment in GWS history circa mid-next year.
It features Forever Feminist Hazel griping about her tiny midriff-baring outfit, while Jamie as always basks in another opportunity to show off her "choice fruit."
Totally typical.

The second, COLOR one is an original pen-and-marker design for my "Happy New Year 2005" card I did in 2004.
I think I have the final image around here somewhere...

This is one of the ONLY pieces I've done in color, especially of the girls!!
It's obvious I still hadn't quite nailed Hazel's face yet, but the hair and and the raglan sleeves are unmistakeable (not to mention Jamie was getting easier to draw at that point).
And now that I look at it more, there are a LOT of different media in this - marker, graphite, pen, colored pencil, and probably a few others.

And it's one of those all-too-sweet sisterly moments between Jamie and Hazel that we only see when they're not teasing the hell out of each other.
Like I said, you should definitely click on the auction to check out the details!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy these guys. Looks like the photos I put up for sale were a little less popular. ;)
Which reminds me, those two auctions end WEDNESDAY!! So if you're still interested (and want some wall art for a cheap price), keep an eye on those two auctions as well.

Alright, to bed for me. Maybe I'll wake up before noon tomorrow...


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