Posted December 16, 2004 at 02:01 am

For a limited time only.... you can snag one of these cards FREE just by e-mailing me with an address to send it to!

I'll be sending these suckers out until the end of next week (because what's a Christmas card from me if not recieved AFTER Christmas?), so let me know before then and you, too could become the proud owner of a lovely new hand-made Corsetto Christmas card.

And I'm changing the GWS Christmas card, made specially for those who donate to the GWS site, to a GWS New Years card, thanks to a recent cold that wiped me out for a week.
So you've still got until the end of next week to donate (see below) to "the cause," send me your address, and recieve one of the very limited GWS cards!

End plug.

Anyone who's e-mailed or called me in the past week, please note that I HAD NO VOICE and very little willpower to roll out of my bed, so I wasn't picking up the phone much and I didn't get to the computer much either (does it show?!).
So please *cough* be patient with me as I *hack!* recover! Thanks again to you wonderful people who sent me cold remedies! They helped big-time!

On to other news... I gave my coworker Josh some homework tonight before I left work:
"Draw the most obscene holiday card, involving snowmen, you can possibly come up with, without being illegal or ridiculous."

Like the good little student he is, I recieved his homework assignment fully finished later that night via e-mail.
I thought I'd share it with you, so long as you can keep in mind that we're two college graduates who still act like we're in college. *snicker!*

Mom, if you're listening, please refrain from clicking on said link. You wouldn't get it anyway, promise. Merry Christmas!

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