Da-dum... da-dum... da-dum da-dum...
Posted January 19, 2007 at 02:01 am

Booooy, I've been quiet lately! Okay, here's a brief post to let y'all know I'm alright (hi, Mom).

First of all, big news!! I FINALLY READ A BOOK!!!! Like, a REAL book.
I picked up a small pile of used books in town the other day (we hippies like to recycle, y'know), and one of them was the original Jaws.
And. I. LOVED. It. Comedy, thrill, horror, a little romance (if you can call it that), drama that doesn't suck... I mean, wow.
If you've never read it, you should.

In other news, I'm wrapping up the first stage of that big project I was talking about.
Here's what my drawing board looked like yesterday:

And of course, I spent Wednesday night drawing my favorite model (yeah, in case you haven't already scrolled down - just as your boss walked into your cubicle - BEWARE THE NUDES!!).

Also, I joined Comic Space, The Drawing Board.org, and ComicJobz.com, all brilliant online groups.
From now on I'll probably be posting my ongoing work (aka. the stuff I don't post all over the GWS site) at The Drawing Board because, dang, those people know how to critique!
And there are some amazingly talented artists sharing their work there.

Have a nice weekend and PRAY FOR SNOW!!


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