$1/2 off for all burns victims at City Hospital
Posted January 6, 2005 at 02:01 am

Turns out I wasn't the first person in the ER at City Hospital Thursday to state sheepishly "I, uh... I burned myself" when asked why I was there.
In fact, they considered running a special on burns for the day.

I might not look the type, but I have around seven slices of bacon every morning (before the routine scrambled eggs, cereal, glass of milk and mug of hot tea - yeah, I'm a big breakfast person).

Thursday morning I decided to break the morning mold and pour the entire panful of hot bacon grease on my hand - of course, the one I write with.

I didn't know you were supposed to go to the ER for that kind of stuff!
But Mindy, one of my mom's coworkers and a friend of the family, picked up the phone when I called to ask my mom what to do, and she reemed me out for not going directly to the hospital and - OH!
"And you're OVERDUE for your tetanus shot, young lady!" So I got one of those at the hospital, too.

Doc said it was just one big 1st degree and one or two 2nd degree burns, and the discoloration may be permanent. Oh well.
Oddly enough, the tetanus shot hurt more than anything they did to my hand!

So what does this mean? Nothing, really. I'm not going to stop drawing. (You can see a bit of my current project in the picture above.)
But I'm taking it easy on the typing - it's the only thing that really irritates the burn.
Had I burned the PALM of my hand, well, I'd be SCREWED!! But it's not like I have joints on the BACK of my hand.

Now, if I was a hand model, pro volleyball player or an abusive husband, I'd be shit outta luck.

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