Two things...
Posted March 21, 2007 at 02:01 am

Hey, who saw the little "Girls With Slingshots" poster in Girl Genius the other day?
HOW COOL WAS THAT?!! I didn't even know Phil knew about GWS!

And second, what're you doing March 31st?
Are you going to be at the GIGANTOR HUGE F*ING SALE at Wild Pig Comics in Kenilworth, New Jersey like I am??

Because if you are, you can get a $5 sketch from me!
Instead of doing a 24-hour comic like the other artists (because we know how successful THAT'S been for me in the past), I'm giving out 24 $5 sketches from NOON Saturday through NOON Sunday.
The sketches will be convention sketch quality - I'm not hacking on these.
I might even bring along my markers for a little color at no extra charge.
So get your asses in there and get your names on my sign-up list.

As for the fine print... offer's good for one sketch per person, and one character per sketch (unless your 2-character sketch idea is just so killer I HAVE to do it).
Other than that, anything goes! Well, you know, anything not X-rated. :)

The sale is, as promised, effing huge and the store & owner are top-notch.
As are the other artists, among them James Hatton and Bill Ellis, and if we're lucky, the wildly talented Chris Moreno as well.

So plan on being there! It's just a week and a half away!

Tags: nsfw

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