Buttons, indeed!
Posted August 8, 2007 at 02:01 am

I've had them around for months, but was previously only selling them at shows;
now you can get your own GWS Button Packs whenever the heck you please!

As always, you can also pay via snail-mail, but please be sure to include your shipping address, name, and what you're ordering. And a nice note. A nice note goes a long way, you know.

A dollar of each purchase will go toward the donation drive, which means you'll receive the wallpaper o' the month just for buying buttons!
(Btw, I'm STILL working on the first wallpaper for past donators, so hang in there - you donators have two wallpapers coming soon!).

And of course, these will also be available at TCAF August 18 and 19!


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