Still alive... sorta...
Posted February 22, 2005 at 02:01 am

Hey, y'all. Sorry for the looooooooooooooong stretch of no updates - I've been swamped (as usual!) both at home and at work!

Paul from my favorite webcomic on the planet, Wapsi Square, has challenged me to a blog duel.
If I wanna get my fix of Paul's little rants, I too have to rant. So rant I will!

But first, I wanted to share some fabulous artwork that I've been sent recently.

The first is by Paul himself, of Wapsi's adorable Monica. This automatically became my favorite original artwork ever owned!

Then there's a gorgeous piece I received in the mail from the lovely and talented Kris Dresen about a week ago (THANKS, KRIS!!).

The title below says "Learning Curves." Love it. This went up in my bathroom the very day I received it.
Because really, what better place to hang pictures of voluptuous, curvy ladies?

In the meantime, I've been reading Ed Brubaker's Lowlife (comic book fans might recognize the name - he writes for Marvel now, but his old indy stuff is great too!), as well as wrapping up a few projects for people - little things like caricatures and logo designs.
I'll share the logo with you guys when it's finished.

Remember that I'll be leaving for Austin, Texas next weekend (woo-hoo!!) to bask in the indy greatness that is Staple!
Anyone in the area should stop by; I'm just going for kicks, and to see a few friends. I won't even have a table.
But I'll be handing out free GWS promo material, so if you're around, be sure to look for the little 5'3" indy girl walking around with GWS booklets!

Last thing. I totally forgot to mention that not only hosts Girls With Slingshots now; it also hosts a fantastic archive page for the strips as well as a buzzing forum!
Check it out if you get the urge!

Think that's it for now - see ya Tuesday for new GWS!

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