Happy third year!
Posted September 28, 2007 at 02:01 am

Bill Ellis, you were right. It's amazing how a brand-new Pentel fountain pen can make you fall in love with drawing again.

I didn't realize this until just last week, but today is Girls With Slingshots's THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!
So here's to many more years of GWS goodness! (Insert bubbly clink and chug here.)

Meanwhile, I have some things on the burner. How many of you guys would love to own a 3-piece GWS shotglass set?

Also, tomorrow you'll get a little surprise, because I'm getting two little surprises of my own this afternoon.
And whether you want to or not, you won't be able to escape them for the first several months that I have them.
So come back tomorrow for lots of cuteness!


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