Posted October 2, 2007 at 02:01 am

Toldja. They are CUUUUUUUTE!!

This is Pumpkin (tentatively named), and Miss Smudge has been cat-napping all afternoon, so you'll catch a glimpse of her whenever she wakes up tomorrow.
Looks like she's already adopted my sleeping schedule. Heh.

I've been waiting for the perfect cat to fall into my lap for a long time; working from home has always been my dream, but it gets hella lonely sometimes.
Two months ago my pal Michael suddenly had a litter of kittens in his house, and when I went over to visit I simply couldn't leave without promising a home to one of them.
Well, that was the plan; after I saw them together, I couldn't leave without claiming two.

I've never had cats before and I've never been a cat person (though I've grown to love them), so any and all advice is welcome!
They're both girls and they're about 10 weeks old. And did I mention CUTE?!


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