Kool-Aid & Money
Posted November 10, 2007 at 02:01 am

Maybe this strip will make more sense now.
I previously assumed that EVERYBODY used the Kool-Aid analogy!

I need to make a quick clarification about donations, because I think I've confused a lot of you.

I'm not even going to try to explain what I was doing with the graph before, because it didn't make any sense.
All you need to know is that the graph doesn't automatically update, I have to do it by hand, which I try to do once a week.
And the goal amount every month is the actual amount I need to cover my bills and food ONLY - any other money I need, I make by doing caricatures on weekends.

That said, I most certainly do NOT need $4700 in order to continue doing GWS full-time through November, as the graph suggested previously. :)

Also, while the price for GWS originals has back gone up to $75 apiece, I've decided it's kind of silly to not allow all original art purchases to toward the donations drive.
So from now on, if you purchase a GWS or Bat Boy original, you'll be keeping GWS updated 5 times a week as well.
Your money will go STRAIGHT to that graph up there, much the same way ingested fat goes straight to yer thighs.


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