December week-long break & donations.
Posted November 29, 2007 at 02:01 am

I'm heading out to visit family for the weekend, so here are Thursday and Friday's comics!

If you've been following the donations graph above, you've probably noticed that I only update it once a week or so.
It's a hand-done thing that doesn't automatically update when you donate.

I hadn't really noticed that the donations drive has finally caught up to itself, and technically I didn't make enough to cover my bills for November (woops!).
Regardless, I wanted to finish up the month.

However, I am going to take next week off to finish the GWS Volume One book, and to wait until the donations are back up to a solid enough level that I feel I can keep doing this full-time.
Since I'm taking a week off, I've dropped December's goal amount by 25% so that you're not paying for more than you get! :)

I hope you don't view this as "punishment" - I just need to be realistic about how I'm making a living.
I'm so grateful to those of you who have donated this year - you're really making my dream come true.

I should also point out that the donations gifts/incentives have simply not happened.
When I did the first prize drawing, I only heard back from three of the six winners, and I simply gave up.
Everyone who has donated $20+ and $50+ is listed and organized, it's simply a matter of picking a date to do all of the drawings and really focusing on them.
I'm thinking it would be easier for all of us if I did this at the beginning of January.
There will be way more artwork and gifts to choose from then!

As for those of you who have felt shafted because you haven't been recieving a monthly GWS wallpaper, you'll be paid back in January as well, and then for the rest of the year.
Instead of just getting one monthly wallpaper for each month you donate, ALL 2007 donators (including those who donate in December) will recieve all 12 of the 2008 monthly wallpapers next year, regardless of whether you donate each month or not. :)
I hope that will make it up to you.

As you can tell, I have a lot on my plate for 2008 (heh, that rhymed).
I hope everything I work towards next year will make up for the rough start I got off to this year!

And as one last note, you should be able to have your GWS Volume One books in your hands before Christmas if you order them as soon as they're available... which should be the end of next week!
As soon as the cover is finished and I learn how to make a PDF of all the pages (WHA??!!), it'll be in's hands.
Obviously, you'll hear about the book the moment it's available.

Check back next week for little daily photos or sketches (there will be something to keep your interest every day) and remember that Sunday the 9th marks the first Sunday color strips!


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