Christmas! FREAKOUT!!
Posted December 13, 2007 at 02:01 am

Hey, first of all, I've finally finished last Sunday's strip! Here's the whole process, you patient things you:

Now, for those of you who celebrate Christmas and JUST REALIZED how freaking close it is (like me), I wanted to make a quick list of don't-even-have-to-leave-your-computer gift suggestions for those last people on your list:
a copy of Girls With Slingshots Volume 1 (naturally)
a subscription to the PVP animated shorts
an awesome pair of Diesel Sweeties socks (OWLS!!!!!)
support artists AND get super-unique gifts at I Shop
or my personal favorite,
I bought ALL of my dad's gifts at
simply sending a link to Kukuburi will make someone's day!

Godspeed, shoppers!


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