No Sunday strip this weekend!
Posted January 29, 2008 at 02:01 am

I'm FINALLY moving out of my tiny 2-bedroom apartment and into... the largest house in town. It's scary-huge.
Luckily my brother will be sharing it with me for awhile. But STILL... it's HUGE!!

Therefore I'll be spending my entire weekend working on this house (built in 1774... yeah, it's serious) and moving in.
The cable guy promised he'd be here Monday afternoon, but somehow installing Internet in a 230-year-old house sounds more like a week-long ordeal.

Assuming my computer doesn't get dropped along the way, I'll likely be able to work on GWS Sunday, so fingers crossed, we'll have a Monday strip (I'll be a block closer to the library, so I can always steal their Internet to upload).
If not, I'm thinking Tuesday we'll have regular updates again, at the latest.

Also, thanks to everyone who pre-ordered GWS V-Day cards! I've sent them to the printers, and there will be PLENTY enough for those who haven't ordered already to
order a pack now and get them way before the 14th. So go ahead and get 'em if you want 'em!
Here are the card designs again:

Alright, wish me luck. I haven't gone without Internet for 4 days straight in a LONG time...


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