Blog post!
Posted February 8, 2008 at 02:01 am

Here I am, posting to my blog! It's a blog post!

I'm still barely unpacked and barely set up to work, so please forgive the lack of Sunday strips lately.
Top it all off with major technical issues such as the No Signal RGB message that continues to plague my NEW monitor, and you've got one hell of a rough week.

For those of you who love the kitties and want to know how they are, they've both adjusted amazingly well, LOVE all the new space, have claimed the guest bathroom as their own (they love bathtubs), and continue to follow me around the house wherever I go, which is adorable, albeit a stumbling hazard.
Most importantly to me, the old wood-slat doors in this house have no space at the bottoms between the door and the floor, so I no longer have to endure pitiful scenes such as this while I work.

Anyway, more updates to come! Have a lovely Sunday!


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