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Posted February 12, 2008 at 02:01 am

Valentine's Day Cards!

Apologies to everyone who purchased V-day cards and expected them sooner - I JUST received the cards yesterday (Monday) morning and sent them out yesterday afternoon.
I shipped all domestic (US) orders priority to be sure they got to you in time. Canucks, my sincere apologies, the priority shipping costs were just outrageous, so I shipped yours first class.
My beloved postal ladies assured me that the cards were likely to get to you before the 14th anyway, but if they arrive later and you'd like your money back, just say the word.

I'm learning - albeit slowly - to get shit done MUCH EARLIER so as not to inconvenience you guys. And speaking of which...

GWS Books!

I'll be shipping the next batch of books tomorrow. I'll be doing this for the rest of the week according to when the orders were placed, and I'll keep you updated via this blog.
(For instance, all orders placed before December 10th have been sent - I'll let you know which orders will be sent out tomorrow.)
Thank you so much for your continued patience with this, guys!


Jameson's hairline!

I'd like to confirm to readers of GWS and In His Likeness that, although Jameson is in fact based on IHL creator James Hatton, what lurks under Jameson's bandana does not at all reflect what lurks beneath James Hatton's bandana.
What lurks beneath James Hatton's bandana is far more terrifying, and has been known to make small children cry.


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